Friday, 4 November 2005: 17.00-18.20
METM 05, Barcelona, Spain

Negotiating the final text: ideas for guaranteeing the quality of current and future translations and corrections

Malcolm Hayes, International Communications and Technical Services, Lleida, Spain

Regardless of their experience, when correcting technical texts and preparing them for publication correctors often encounter problems due to the complexity of the concepts involved or the limitations of the authors’ English. With reference to real cases, this paper examines techniques for improving the quality of corrections, checking or negotiating intended messages with authors, and helping authors to improve their written style in order to minimise potential problem areas. Principle features of this approach, which has proved very popular with authors, include the categorising and colour coding of errors, feedback and on-going dialogues between authors and correctors, and notes for authors to help them to improve the content and style of their articles. This approach can also help to improve the quality of technical translations.