Friday, 4 November 2005: 17.00-18.20
METM 05, Barcelona, Spain

Improving referencing skills: considerations for the facilitation of academic writing


Iain K. Patten, PhD, is a freelance translator and author’s editor based in Valencia, Spain. He comes from a research background in biomedical science and is interested in issues associated with effective communication of scientific information.

Although citing information sources is a central component of academic writing, it is often subject to misinterpretations and inconsistencies that present problems for authors and readers alike. By considering ways referencing can support effective academic communication, author’s editors and translators may be better equipped to identify and resolve difficulties. Focusing mainly on examples drawn from the natural sciences and medicine, this presentation will consider aspects of effective citation practices, illustrate common problems, and propose ways in which language consultants may be able to facilitate the development of more effective referencing skills.