Panel discussion

Tips for the accidental interpreter

METM 06, Barcelona
27-28 October 2006

Panel coordinator: William Orr
Saturday 28, 16:00-17:10, Room 1

Whether a language facilitator is mainly a language teacher, translator or editor, a client’s call to interpret will come along at some stage. The situation may be a meeting, telephone conversation—or even a major press conference or a police raid. The requirement might be for a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter and the setting may be a vast conference hall, a boardroom, a prison cell or the back of a taxi.

Professional interpreters are clear about what this involves, but the accidental or casual interpreter needs to think about a number of things before jumping headlong into a potentially delicate situation. This panel brings together interpreters and translating/interpreting service providers to share their experience in organizing and carrying out interpreting work. The objective is to provide insight into what the casual interpreter should bear in mind.

William Orr (coordinator) is a freelance translator and interpreter. Panelists who have confirmed their participation are Brad Londres, Freelance translator and interpreter and teacher of English for specific purposes in the health sciences, Cristóbal Pérez of Nova Traductors i Interprets, Richard Samson of the Universitat de Vic, and Anthony Pym of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili. All are based in Catalonia, Spain.