Ergonomics for text editors—a critical review

METM 06, Barcelona
27-28 October 2006

Carolyn Newey
Saturday 28, 11:50-13:00, Room 1

High levels of concentration and prolonged posture in front of a visual display terminal (VDT) can lead to a series of physical problems such as eye fatigue and pain or discomfort in the hands, wrist, arms, shoulders, neck or back. Corrective measures are usually simple and inexpensive and with a little knowledge of the principles of ergonomics we can save much discomfort. Based on the currently available literature on the subject and after consultation with different health professionals in the field we will review the most common causes of VDT and repetitive stress related illnesses and check out work habits, work station design and proper use of workstation components.

Carolyn V. Newey has a background in nursing and public health education. She presently works as an author’s editor for biomedical researchers at Hospital de Sant Pau i la Santa Creu, a tertiary care university hospital in Barcelona, Spain.