Working with our colleagues: providing English language
publishing skills in a university setting

METM 06, Barcelona
27-28 October 2006

Sally Burgess, Ana Diaz Galán, María del Carmen Fumero Pérez
Saturday 28, 16:00-17:10, Room 2

In this paper we provide a critical account of an experience of working as mentors and (reluctant) editors for our colleagues in the Faculty of Psychology at the University of La Laguna. In 2005 we ran two workshops on publishing skills in English for Psychology staff and research students. Drawing on research in genre analysis and corpus linguistics, the workshops offered a step-by-step procedure for drafting a complete research article, the submission letter that accompanies the article and the letter written in response to editors’ requests for revisions. Time was provided during the 5-day course for participants to write an initial version of their paper and to experiment with concordancing software. Extremely positive evaluations apart, it is our view that more lasting benefits could have been achieved had we been able to work in concert with professional editors, during and after the workshops. We explain how such a relationship might be forged and the benefits it might bring to all concerned.

Sally Burgess is a lecturer at the University of La Laguna. She holds an MATEFL and a PhD from the University of Reading, UK. Her thesis and her subsequent publications are concerned with genre analysis of academic discourse. Sally has also worked as a translator and editor and has written ELT materials for Longman. She leads a research group on academic discourse at the ULL.

Ana Diaz Galán lectures in Applied Linguistics at the University of La Laguna where she also did both her undergraduate degree in English Philology and her PhD. She is, with María del Carmen Fumero Pérez, coordinator of the ‘Experto Universitario en Traducción e Interpretación para Servicios Comunitarios’ and a member of the academic discourse research group.

María del Carmen Fumero Pérez is also a graduate of the ULL. Her PhD research was concerned with the organization of information in the clause but she has more recently given her attention to both the postgraduate diploma in community services interpreting and translating and to academic discourse group. With Ana Díaz Galán she is currently editing a monograph on globalization and scholarly publishing.