Short workshop

Non-directive listening for translators and communications coaches

METM 06, Barcelona
27-28 October 2006

Workshop leader: Jura Žymantas
Saturday 28, 11:50-13:00, Room 3

Mediation, or the negotiation of meaning, is central to translating and editing. Not only do translators mediate between the writer (researcher, report writer, etc) and the reader, but often do so between the speaker (researcher, report writer, etc) and herself. Today’s knowledge societies demand multi-modal communication competence and authors are asked to present or talk about what they write. Often it’s the translators who are asked to take on the role of communication coach and help the writer to prepare to be a speaker. The basic principal behind non-directive listening (NDL) is to allow a speaker to have someone’s undivided, non-judgmental attention, thus creating an opportunity for organizing, controlling and adjusting one’s thoughts. Whether it’s a question of unblocking ideas or clarifying and focusing them, NDL is a very practical tool for communication. In this workshop participants will have the opportunity to practice NDL and discuss its applicability.

Jura Žymantas, instructor of English for specific purposes in business at ESADE in Barcelona, Spain. She is also a teacher trainer, communications coach and occasional translator.