10 June 2006, 10.00 – 14.00 h
Righting Citing—principles and strategies for editors and translators

TEXT A—for pre-workshop preparation

What’s wrong with the citing in the first paragraph of this article published in an international dentistry journal?* It illustrates a common misconception.

In 1747, Pierre Fauchard described the process by which roots of maxillary anterior teeth were selected for the restoration of single teeth and replacement of multiple teeth. Gold or silver pivots (posts) were retained in the roots with the use of a heat-softened adhesive called “mastic,” and crown replacements were attached to the pivots.1

1. Fauchard, P. The surgeon dentist. 2nd ed. Vol. II. Birmingham AL: Classics of Dentistry Library; 1980, p. 173-204.

*Goodacre CJ, Campagni WV, Aquilino SA, Tooth preparations for complete crowns: An art form based on scientific principles. J Prosthet Dent. 2001;85:363-76.