Mediterranean Editors and Translators Meeting 2007 – METM 07
Building Bridges, Constructing Networks

Real Jardín Botánico/CSIC, Plaza de Murillo 2, 28014 Madrid, Spain

25-26 October 2007:
Pre-METM Workshops and General Assembly
27 October 2007:
28 October 2007:
Post-METM Excursion

Panel 1: CAT tools: what are the benefits to freelancers?

A surprising number of translators use computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools reluctantly, if at all. Their reasons vary:

“CAT doesn’t help with my kind of translation… The software cramps my style… It’s too complicated to use… I’ll be forced to offer discounts for repetitions… I only translate part-time….”

In this panel discussion, seasoned users of some mainstream CAT programs (Wordfast, Trados, Déjà Vu, Heartsome) explain why CAT is a vital part of their workflow and discuss the specific benefits their chosen tool provides – as compared to other tools, and as compared to working in the traditional way. Issues to be considered include translation quality, user friendliness, payment, team work, client requirements and professional standards.

Our message is that there are other benefits to be gained from CAT tools apart from recycling old translations and saving effort. And that in a rapidly changing and highly competitive professional environment, no translator can afford to ignore those other benefits.

Stephen Waller is a freelance translator and editor based in Barcelona, Spain. Having worked previously in bilingual dictionaries and EFL, he has 14 years’ experience as a translator, specialising in business and finance.

Iain K. Patten, PhD, will talk about Wordfast. Iain is a freelance translator and editor based in Valencia, Spain. He comes from a research background in biomedical science and is interested in issues associated with effective communication of scientific information.

Timothy Barton will talk about Déjà Vu. Timothy is a freelance translator ( based in Barcelona who specialises in education and sport. He began translating in 2004, and spent two years in-house translating for Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. He now lectures in translation at the same university alongside his freelance work.

John J. Rynne will talk about Heartsome. John is a translator and director of Versalia Traducción, S.L. ( After a primary degree in Chemistry, a stint in ESL led him to the joys of translation. He is an intérprete jurado, an American Translators Association-Certified Translator from Spanish into English and from English into Spanish, and holds the Iol Dip. Trans., among other qualifications. For over fifteen years he has specialised in financial and business-related translation.

Cindy Chadd will talk about Trados. Cindy is a full-time freelance translator with 20 years of corporate experience in a variety of fields, including training and development, recruitment, business travel management and public relations. She is currently based in Colmenarejo (Madrid), Spain.