MET's helpers (2016)

MET is a peer-training association run entirely by volunteers who have generously offered their time and expertise over the years and contributed to MET's success. We cannot possibly list everyone who has helped since MET held its first conference back in 2005, but we would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge everyone who helped in 2016.

A very special thank you to…

  • Ailish Maher for organizing and funding the choir at METM16 and joining the METM17 content team
  • Aisha Prigann for coordinating MET-APTIC events in Barcelona and helping at the desk at METM16
  • Allison Wright for joining the METM17 writing team
  • Barbara Arrighetti for looking after local matters for METM17
  • Emma Goldsmith for organizing sponsorship for METM16
  • Francesca Matteoda for helping at the desk at METM16
  • Heather Hamilton for making sure all our speakers at METM16 had name cards and water
  • Helen Oclee-Brown for organizing the Off-METMs for METM16
  • Jane Marshall for piloting MET's mentoring scheme
  • Joy Burrough-Boenisch for organizing content for METM16 
  • Justine Sherwood for preparing transport information for METM16
  • Kate Major for looking after the METM17 Facebook event page
  • Kymm Coveney for moderating and directing the translation slam at METM16
  • Mary Ellen Kerans for being our liaison with the Anna Lindh Foundation and joining the the METM17 content team
  • Mary Fons i Fleming for her work on MET’s glossary and organizing content for METM16
  • Mary Savage for organizing content for METM16 
  • Michael Farrell for jointly coordinating the organization of METM17 and overseeing sponsorship
  • Oliver Lawrence for joining the METM17 writing team
  • Phillippa May Bennett for looking after the METM16 Facebook event page
  • Rebecca Warden for joining the METM17 content team
  • Sabrina Voss for organizing session chairs/monitors and preparing the printed programme for METM16 and for joining the METM17 content team
  • Sally Burgess for joining the METM17 content team
  • Simon Berrill for joining the METM17 writing team
  • Stephen Waller for providing ongoing support for MET's website and joining the METM17 content team
  • Susan Frekko for organizing the Off-METM events for METM17
  • Susannah Goss for preparing and distributing METM16 certificates
  • Valerie Matarese for helping to compile MET’s glossary


We would like to thank all the workshop monitors, session chairs, Off-METM hosts and translation slammers at METM16 in Tarragona. You will find their names on the METM16 credits page.

And last but not least…

Thank you to our four most recent outgoing council members, Mhairi Bain, Oliver Shaw, Stephen Waller and Timothy Barton, and to all former council members, Ailish Maher, Carolyn Newey, Catherine Mark, Frances Luttikhuizen, Greg Morley, Helen Casas, Jane Lewis, Karen Shashok and Mary Ellen Kerans, for all their hard work on council and beyond.