METM17, Brescia

METM17 in Brescia (Italy) was a watershed moment, as the possibility of a choir performance was called into question by the fact that, with just a few weeks to go, it had not been possible to recruit a local choir leader. However, on the basis that "the show must go on", arrangements for just a single song were prepared by Christina Koch and rehearsals were organized. The day was saved by two musically-minded METM attendees: virtuoso MET member Ruth Simpson as the conductor, with musical input from opera singer Anett Enzman. The outcome was an emotional rendition of Bella ciao (Italian partisan song), preceded by a passionate introduction by Francesca Matteoda in homage to her partigiano and translator father.

Francesca Matteoda's introduction to Bella Ciao
Video recorded by Justine Sherwood
METM17 choir led by Ruth Simpson (conductor) and Anett Enzmann (musical director, working with an arrangement by Cristina Koch)
Video recorded by Oliver Shaw.