METM19, Split

The choir came full circle at METM19 when the conference returned to Split, where it was noticeably enhanced by local support from opera singer Marijo Krnic and pianist Mladen Grgic. This time Ruth and Marijo led us through versions of the Croatian children’s song Tulipan and I will follow Him (from the film Sister Act).

Although its links to translation and editing may be tenuous, the pop-up choir offers an opportunity for those of us working in isolation to participate in an exhilarating group activity, get our tongues round an unfamiliar language and, with a bit of luck, provide a little entertainment for our friends and colleagues.

Video recorded by MET member Karin Rockstad

Video recorded by MET member Oliver Shaw

MET council would like to thank all those who sing in the choir (we can usually count on around 30 regulars), the METM programme organizers since METM13, without whose support the choir would not be possible, the choir organizers (formerly Ailish and currently Timothy Barton) and, above all, choir leaders/arrangers Elke Bartholomäus, who has since shifted her career focus from translating to music (as a singer and choir leader), Cristina Faria in Portugal (a Coimbra local who very generously gave us her time and expertise), Christina Koch (who has twice rehearsed and directed the choir and generously helps with musical arrangements) and currently – and hopefully for a long time to come – Ruth Simpson.