METM Revisited

In the year-that-must-not-be-named, the highly awaited METM20 conference that had been planned to take place in San Sebastian sadly was not to be. Featuring a stellar array of past presentations, METM Revisited unfortunately didn’t allow for a choir performance.

METM21 Online

METM21 Online fast-tracked many people into presenting for the first time remotely, and the choir brought an opportunity of its own for Ruth Simpson, who has been directing the choir since 2017, to try out a new format – a virtual choir collaboration.

Attendees were asked to film themselves in 1960s fancy dress singing along to a backing track of Hey Jude. Having put together a practice run that included several MET members, Ruth – with assistance from eagle-eyed Melissa Ratti – then used her new favourite software program, Final Cut Pro, to conjure up a lively and colourful video, and for the first time ever, the METM choir included yogis, dancers and instrumentalists as well as singers!

Video recorded by MET member Ruth Simpson