Anna Lindh Foundation (ALF) for intercultural dialogue

5-6 March 2020


MET sent Mary Ellen Kerans* and Eleanor Staniforth to the annual meeting of the Spanish network of the ALF (the ReFAL) in Seville on 5-6 March. The main news was that funding for this “network of [national] networks” has recovered after years of tight budgets, and projects coordinated by staff in Alexandria have started up again. One example is the working group on translation in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Mary Ellen and Eleanor’s ReFAL networking covered several fronts. One was exploring new sources for literary or other “out-of-market” texts for MET’s workshops (now that we no longer collaborate with the Sea of Words competition). Another was contact with several researching academics in attendance, to help them understand the type of author editing and translation work many MET members do. Yet another was to strengthen ties with one of the research sections of the Universitat Ramon Llull (URL, in Barcelona), which announced their willingness to talk about sharing meeting facilities with other ReFAL members.

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