5th International Conference on Public Service Interpreting and Translation

The main theme of the Conference is (Re)visiting Ethics and Ideology in Situations of Conflict, focusing on the following topics:
  • Discussion on ethical issues in practice, research and teaching
  • Studies about interpreters and translators in conflict
  • Interpreting and translating for victims of war, sexual assault, survivors of torture and trauma, refugees, etc.
  • Exploring ideological clashes and encounters in translating and interpreting.
  • Analyses of aspects related to advances of PSIT in local, national, and international institutions in different countries.
  • Analyses of aspects related to mediation and interpreting
  • The Conference will include plenary lectures, papers, seminars, posters and round tables. Participants delivering papers will have a maximum of 30 min (the discussion/questions time included).
For further details, visit the University of Alcalá website here.

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