Anne Murray

Contact details
Professional profile
Language pairs
Catalan > English
English > English
French > English
Spanish > English
Areas of expertise
Medicine and Health
Veterinary Science
Qualifications and experience
Employment status: Full-time freelance translator, copyeditor, author's editor 
Native language: English 
Working languages: Spanish, Catalan, French
Main fields of work: Medicine, veterinary medicine, the natural world 
Expertise: Articles for publication (IMRaD), corpus-based translation and editing
Education: Degree in Translation from Dublin City University, Ireland; Foundation certificate in medical writing with the European Medical Writers Association
Training: Facilitator of MET workshops; Getting Started in Medical Translation and A keyword corpus to go: exploring the potential of WebBootCat; face-to-face author support for publication
Other: MET council member (Membership, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and Chair from 2006-2018); head of organizing committee for MET's 2013 conference in Poblet and 2018 conference in Girona

Continuing professional development
PRISEAL conference, Lisbon, October 2015
TriKonf Translation Conference "Tuning the Machine", Freiburg, October 2015
MedTranslate Conference Freiburg, October 2014
European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) conferences, Barcelona, May 2008; London, October 2008; Frankfurt, November 2009; Lisbon, May 2010.
PPRISEAL conference, Tenerife, December 2006 (on publishing and presenting research internationally);