Call for papers, posters and training workshops

Proposed talks should provide insight into the diverse publishing mechanisms with a particular focus on the following topics:
- The way academic publishing works institutionally according to the language and country of publication
- Business models, average article/book price, public subsidies
- Applicable national legislations and their impacts on the commercial distribution of books and articles (e.g. single price policy for books in France)
- Publishing policies: is peer-reviewing standard practice? Is independent quality assessment possible?
- Publishing frequency, evaluation timelines and discipline-based distribution timelines?
- Copyright and intellectual property protection, changes in legislation in IPP in line with Open Access,
- Open access: what are the key strategic and practical elements to enforce the EU policy and achieve Horizon 2020?
- Use of academic indexes and metrics, quantitative evaluation of publications: why are such tools so criticised while being so extensively used?
- Use of tools like Google scholar, Scopus, etc.
For more information, please visit the Réseau Médici site.

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