CLW 2012

Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing (CL&W 2012): Linguistic and Cognitive Aspects of Document Creation and Document Engineering

Workshop date: April 23, 2012

Location: University of Avignon, Avignon, France

Early registration through March 19, 2012
Late registration through April 19, 2012 *********************************************************
The Workshop on Computational Linguistics and Writing (CL&W 2012) aims to provide an overview of current developments in the area of computational linguistics for authoring aids, and an overview of recent advances in writing research. We are interested in research that explores writing processes, text production, and document engineering principles as well as actual working systems that support writers in one or more aspects when producing a document. With CL&W we aim to bring together researchers from related communities, to stimulate discussion and cooperation between areas of research.
The first CL&W workshop, CL&W 2010, held at NAACL 2010 in Los Angeles, was very successful and offered researchers from different but related disciplines a platform for sharing findings and ideas. We will continue this in 2012. You are cordially invited to attend the talks and to participate in the discussion.
Registration is now open! Early registration is through March 19, 2012, late registration is through April 19, 2012. Please register via the EACL 2012 registration form:
You can either register for the main conference plus CL&W 2012, or, if you only want to participate in the workshop, you may register for CL&W 2012 only. The EACL 2012 registration form has all information about registration deadlines and fees.

Preliminary Program

14:00 Opening
14:15 Session 1 (3 talks)
* From Character to Word Level: Enabling the Linguistic Analyses Of Inputlog Process Data (Mariëlle Leijten, Lieve Macken, Veronique Hoste, Eric Van Horenbeeck and Luuk Van Waes)
* Automating Style Checking for Legislative Texts: From Abstract Guidelines to Concrete Error Detection Strategies (Stefan Höfler and Kyoko Sugisaki)
* MyReviewers, Objectivity 2.0 & the Benefits of Aggregated, Crowd-Source Assessment (Joe Moxley)
15:30 Coffee Break
16:00 Session 2 (3 talks)
* Google N-Grams Books Used as a Grammar Checker (Rogelio Nazar and Irene Renau)
* LELIE: A Tool Dedicated to Procedure and Requirement Authoring (Camille Albert, Flore Barcellini, Corinne Grosse and Patrick Saint-Dizier)
* Focus Group on Computer Tools Used for Professional Writing and Case Study with LinguisTech (Marie-Josée Goulet and Annie Duplessis)
17:30 Discussion and Closing

The proceedings of CL&W 2012 will be published in the ACL Anthology and will be available online. *

Chairs and Organizers
Michael Piotrowski (University of Zurich, Switzerland), Cerstin Mahlow (University of Basel, Switzerland),
Robert Dale (Macquarie University, Australia),

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