Corpus-based Interpreting Studies: The State of the Art

The aim of this two-day workshop is to take stock of the expertise and knowledge developed in Europe and beyond around interpreting corpora. We therefore invite researchers involved in the design, compilation or exploitation of interpreting corpus data to submit an abstract for one of the following strands:
  1. Corpus design: what kind of data do we need to address the specific research questions of the Interpreting Studies community? What are the most suitable methodologies?
  2. Corpus compilation and accessibility: what procedures have been used in collecting, transcribing, indexing, tagging and aligning interpreting data? What (meta)data are already available and how can they be accessed?
  3. Corpus exploitation: what do we know about interpreting thanks to corpora? What specific phenomena have been highlighted? What are the benefits of corpus-derived insights for interpreter training and practice?
  4. Corpus developments: what new applications are there? What kind of intermodal corpora are in sight? What does the future have in store for Corpus-based Interpreting Studies?

The workshop will include a general brainstorming session on collaborative projects in the field of Corpus-based Interpreting Studies.

Organized by the Department of Interpreting and Translation, University of Bologna.


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