Diana Flower

Contact details

diana@translationbee.co.uk df_flower@hotmail.com

Professional profile
Editing, Translating
Language pairs
Spanish > English
Areas of expertise
Agriculture and Fisheries
General science
Natural Sciences
Veterinary Science
Qualifications and experience
Freelance Spanish-English translator with a science background, specialising in clinical trials, veterinary and life sciences and agriculture.
I translate:
Clinical trials contracts, authorisations and amendments, informed consent forms and patient information sheets (including back translations)
Chemical data sheets
Content for veterinary text books
Articles on animal nutrition, biosecurity and disease for magazines and internet
Paperwork required to export pig meat products overseas, including HACCP analyses and SOPs
Research articles on apiculture, including bee disease and honey production issues
Product authorisations for animal health and nutrition products


Other CPD

Diploma in Translation (CIOL)
The ABC of medical translation: translating medical acronyms
Culture-specific elements in scientific translation
The pharmacokinetics of drugs commonly studied in clinical trials
Translating food for export: food labels and veterinary certificates

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