Dick Edelstein

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Junta de Comerç 17, 3-2
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US born Eng. speaker; Irish citizen.  Real-world work experience in: aerospace manufacturing; tool & die making; construction; logistics; metal working; industrial plant maintenance and installation; civil engineering; electronics. Certified ski instructor.

Experience in writing in Sp. & Eng. on education, IT, EFL, teacher training, Computer-Assisted Learning. Journalism in Sp. & Eng. on IT, education, wine, food, jazz, general.  Translation: Sp., Cat. to Eng.

Workshops, seminars and training sessions given to language teachers at Official Language Schools and university language services in Catalonia, language schools in Catalonia, Kent, Sussex and Surrey, and teachers conferences throuought Spain.



Reading & Writing (Series): Introduction to Reading and Writing. The World of Reading. The World of Writing. Power Reading. Power Writing. Wall Street International, Barcelona, 2001. Accurate Reading and Writing (with Ann King). Wall Street International, Barcelona, 2001.

Inglés para Todos (Multimedia self-study English course). Student Books 1- 4, Audio Tapescripts 1-4. Guía de Usuario. Editorial Oceano, Barcelona, 1996 and 1999.

Microsoft Word Minimanual. Gustavo Gili, Barcelona, 1991; Gustavo Gili. Mexico D.F, 1991.

Microsoft Word 5 (with Francisco Martín Peña). Gustavo Gili, Barcelona, 1991.

The Pilgrims English Course (Contributing writer). Editorial SM, Madrid, 1991.

La Creación de Programas Didácticos: los lenguajes y sistemas de autor (with Eduardo Giordano). Gustavo Gili, Barcelona, 1987.

Inglés para informática Tract, Barcelona, 1983


“Teachers listening to teachers” (With Conchita Catalan, Genevieve King, Ana Martinez and José Luís Regojo). APAC Journal, June 2005.

"Low-Risk Activities", The English Teaching Professional, No. 9, October 1999.

"Students Listening to Students: Using Listening Tasks in Speaking Activities" TESOL Spain Newsletter, Vol. XVI No. 2, November 1993.

"Nola sartu entzute-ariketak ahozko adierazpenaren lankentan" (Students Listening to Students) ZUTABE no 29, May-June 1992. (journal of applied linguistics and pedagogy OF HABE, the literacy organization of the Autonomous Basque Government in Spain.)


Reading for English (Series: text-based learning software) User's Guide to Reading for English. (Co-Author) The Locked Room. The Eyes of Montezuma. Life Lines. A Space Affair. (Contributing author 4 titles) Oxford University Press, 1994.

Practice in Commercial Correspondence I and II. (With Eduardo Giordano) Computer-assisted writing skills practice. Centro de Cálculo de Mataró (affiliated with a secondary school), 1985.

GENETEXT (With Eduardo Giordano) Authoring system for creating language learning materials in English, Spanish, French and Catalan. Centro de Cálculo de Mataró, 1985


The Phenomenon of Information: A Conceptual Approach to Information Flow (from Spanish) Mario Pérez-Montoro Gutiérez, Scarecrow Press, Atlanta, 2007.

Railway Stations of Europe, (from Spanish) Lundwerg Editores, Barcelona, 2002.

Empiricism and Logical Syntax: Carnap and the Vienna Circle, Ramon Cirera, (from Catalan). Rodopi, Amsterdam, 1994.

Window on the Universe (juvenile collection, several titles), Invisible World, (juvenile collection, several titles), Junior Library of Ecology (juvenile collection, several titles from Spanish), Co-published: Parramón Editores, Barcelona, 1993.

Architectural Houses (Series: Vols. 2-10), New Architecture (Series: Vols 2-10) and Urban Architecture (Series: Vols. 1-5, specialized books intended mainly for architects). (Contributing translator from Spanish.) Editorial Atrium, Barcelona, 1992-94.

El Guía (Monthly art magazine focussed on the Mediterranean Crescent). Contributing translator from Spanish, French and Catalan of articles for 3 issues of the English edition, 1995.

Apple Macintosh Manual. Co-translator from English into Spanish, 1985.


Magazine and newspaper articles published during 1988-1991 in: PC Forum (Planeta-Di Agostini, Barcelona) La Vanguardia Ciencia y Tecnología (Barcelona) El País (Madrid), Speak Up (Barcelona), Informática Test (Barcelona), PC Magazine Actual,(Madrid) PC Week,(Madrid) Ordenador Personal.(Madrid) Business and Finance, (Dublin), PC Report ( Dublin) and Computerscope (Dublin).

Continuing professional development

CONTINUING TRAINING -- ESADE Summer Institute courses (Barcelona): EFL Syllabus Design (with Peter Hill & Magí Casañas), Second Language Acquistion (with Rod Ellis), Process Writing (with Gay Brookes), Listening Practicum based on Counseling-Learning and Community Language Learning (CLL)(with Bob Oprandy), Computer-Assisted Language Learning (with Tim Johns).