Gillian Shaw

Contact details
8 Watkins Close
RG40 4ER
United Kingdom
Professional profile
Language pairs
French > English
Italian > English
Areas of expertise
Business and Finance
Food and Drink
Qualifications and experience

Specialist knowledge is vital in translation and Gillian has accumulated a great deal of subject-matter awareness in hers: business, tourism and sport. With over 10 years’ experience in the IT industry, she has accumulated a wealth of business knowledge, as well as understanding how corporations prefer to communicate. She now applies this specialist knowledge to her translation work for large businesses involved in change programmes.

Gillian’s people skills, attention to detail and punctuality have become a valuable asset to her translation career, both in business and commerce, as well as in her travel and tourism translation experience. She has ample experience in translating and revising copy for corporations, museums, travel websites as well as newsletters for business travel companies. Besides this, she has worked on some sports projects, including junior football events and blog articles for a paragliding championships and is herself a competitive, active rower and has developed a French-Italian-English technical terminology on the subject. Gillian’s love of sport has developed into a fascination with how rowing, cycling and mountaineering are appreciated in France and Italy, and she avidly follows articles about them on blogs and news channels.

For examples of Gillian's translations, please visit her sports blog at

Continuing professional development

Gillian is currently studying Copywriting via an online course.