Joanne Gartlon

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Professional profile
Editing, Research, Writing, Proofreading
Language pairs
English > English
Areas of expertise
Medicine and Health
Pure Sciences
Qualifications and experience
I have worked for over 13 years as a regulatory toxicologist in the fields of neurotoxicity, ocular toxicity and food safety. During this time, I have gained extensive experience in drafting, proofreading and editing scientific papers, communications, SOPs, large technical documents and theses. 
Having worked primarily for EU organisations, I am accustomed to proofreading and copy-editing scientific documents written primarily by non-native English speakers. I am passionate about scientific communication and enjoy helping scientists to improve their texts, enabling them to explain their work clearly and effectively.
Continuing professional development
MET workshops
Other CPD
Proofreading 1: Introduction – UK Society for Editors and Proofreaders, 2014
Copy-editing 1: Introduction – UK Society for Editors and Proofreaders, 2014
Writing in the Sciences – Stanford University, 2014
Data Management for Clinical Research – Vanderbilt University, 2014
Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials – Johns Hopkins University, 2015
Clinical Terminology for International and US Students – University of Pittsburgh, 2015
Journalism Skills for Engaged Citizens – The University of Melbourne, 2015

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