Judith Anne Smith

Contact details

judithannesmith@gmail.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/judith-anne-smith-67380a25


Professional profile
Editing, Translating
Language pairs
Catalan > English
Spanish > English
Areas of expertise
General science
Medicine and Health
Natural Sciences
Qualifications and experience
I translate and proofread scientific research papers, especially in the fields of medicine and health.
Güell, Francisco. The biological and ontological status of the human embryo: the epigenetic paradigm of the 21st century, from the theory of essence of Xavier Zubiri. Peter Lang, 2013. (translation of Part II dealing with biology)

Digital textbooks for secondary students in the areas of biology, genetics, anatomy, chemistry, physics, technology and geology (translation and editing)
Other CPD
EdX online courses in biology, anatomy, medicine and health

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