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Your go-to partner for innovation and high-tech translations into English

I help Digital Tech/IT Services companies introduce their products to English-speaking audiences and communicate the benefits of these products to their customers through content. By helping you spread the word about your technology in English, I help you increase your customer base and sales.

I specialise in:

  • Digital Technology: Make sure your digital tech reaches your English-speaking customers.
  • IT Solutions: Get success-focused translations from an IT specialist.
  • Business Communication: Keep your English-speaking in-house teams and external partners well informed.

My credentials

Before pursuing my passion for translation, I worked for 25 years as an IT director for high-tech multinationals and consultancies. This means that I know your tech business and am the best partner for your English translation needs. I also have an MA with Distinction in Technical and Specialised Translation from the University of Westminster, London.

How I add value to your innovation and high-tech business

  • No need to spend time explaining technical concepts to me: I’m already up to speed or can quickly grasp complex technical explanations of your products.
  • As an avid technology user, I have the latest innovations in computer-aided translation to increase speed, accuracy and quality.
  • I fully understand the context of your business and your pressures, issues and challenges. When you need to get a text out now, I’m here to help.

I’m serious about your success in the innovation and high-tech sector

Innovation and high tech is completely changing how people live their lives, use computer-based tools, and manage their finances. I understand that you are trying to make your customers’ lives better and easier, and I take pride in helping you do that with my translations.

My enthusiastic, hard-working and practical nature means that I throw myself into your texts to ensure each one serves its purpose to improve your business.

I have a reputation for reliability, and clients come to me because I keep a cool head under the pressure of extremely complex texts or tight deadlines.

My clients like that I’m an independent and logical thinker who applies an analytical approach to my work. This means I ask the right questions to always use the right term and achieve the right tone.

When you work with me, you also get:

  • A reliable service: No stress when it comes to quality documents delivered on time.
  • Impeccable work and attention to detail: Relief that your audience will get the message you want them to get.
  • Relevant editing suggestions: Satisfaction that your translated texts communicate effectively to your target audience.
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