Lorena Santonocito

Contact details

lorena.santonocito@gmail.com lorena@thewordstale.com


Professional profile
Editing, Translating, Proofreading, Subtitling
Language pairs
English > Italian
Spanish > Italian
Areas of expertise
Social Sciences
Qualifications and experience
 Areas of work
- Travel, tourism and hospitality 
- Audiovisual translation 
- Marketing and communications
- Human rights and international development                                     
- Educational material                                              
Other CPD
Courses, webinars and certifications

- 2017 : Quest for Best: ISE Foundation/ISE I Reading and Writing A2/B1 (Excellence in Education – Approved Trinity Service Provider)
- 2017: Discover Trinity. Qualifications in Drama and Communication Skills (Excellence in Education – Approved Trinity Service Provider)
- 2017: Becoming an Across Expert Step by Step: Translating in the Across Supply Chain (Across Systems GmbH)
- 2016: GOSUB Subtitle (GOSUB e-learning)
- 2016: SEO in Tourism Translation (Proz.com)
- 2016: Translating for the International Development Sector (eCPD Webinars)
- 2016: Revising and Editing (eCPD Webinars)
- 2014: Subsistence Marketplaces (Coursera)
- 2011: English Language Certificate, Advanced Level, C1 (General English and English for - Business Communication, CESC, Colchester, UK)

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