MET-APTIC Translator Meeting in Barcelona

We hope you'll join us for our monthly Translator Meeting in May organized by MET and APTIC! Our meetings continue at the lovely Bar Salambó in Gràcia. 

We'd like to thank Mary Ellen Kerans (MET) and Oscar Nabais (APTIC) for last month's mini talk about the continued professional education available to members of either association. For our May meeting, we’re very happy to announce a mini talk by UniCo (Unión de Correctores)*. Beatriz Benítez, the association’s vice president, and Amelia Padilla, the spokesperson for Catalunya, will be joining us to give the talk.

Entitled "Traductor/corrector: acords i desacords," the talk will address the relationship between translators and editors. Do translators understand the role of an editor? Does a translated text need the input of an editor? These questions and more will be addressed at our next meeting, which will also involve other UniCo members, making this a wonderful chance for professional exchange between translators and editors!

The meetings are open to all language professionals and take place every first Wednesday of the month (except in May) at Bar Salambó in Gràcia.

Upcoming dates for Spring 2013: June 5.

If you'd like to give a mini talk, please get in touch. We’d love to hear your ideas!

Although the meetings are organized by MET and APTIC, they’re open to all language professionals, regardless of whether you’re a member or not. We would like these meetings to provide professionals who don’t know our associations yet with the chance to discover what we’re all about!

WHEN: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 at 7pm
WHERE: Cafè Salambó, carrer Torrijos, 51, 08012 Barcelona (Gràcia)

Ideas, suggestions, feedback? Please get in touch with Aisha Prigann at

*UniCo is a professional editors association founded in 2005. The association includes professional editors, proofreaders and language consultants.

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