MET Meeting in Tarragona

MET's sixth annual meeting will take place at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona on 29-30 October 2010. MET welcomes proposals on topics relevant to the theme of the 2010 conference: Facilitating knowledge transfer – through editing, translation, coaching, as well as on the association’s objectives, especially regarding how to

  • communicate knowledge that can contribute to improving the quality of language support services available in the Mediterranean
  • stimulate research in Mediterranean communities on the needs of academics, scientists, public institutions and private enterprises; and stimulate research on promising practices that meet their needs well
  • help users of language support services locate appropriate solutions to their needs and promote mutual understanding between suppliers and users of these services

For further details go to the {cms_selflink page="metm10_call" text="METM10 call for participation.


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