Naomi Norberg, JD, PhD

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1 rue du Chateau Gaillard
Pouilly sur Loire
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French > English
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Law and Patents
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I have been translating legal documents for practitioners and books, articles, and reports by law professors for about 20 years, and translated all of the course materials for the EU's CEIFAC (European College of Financial Criminal and Financial Investigations) hosted by the University of Strasbourg. I also edit articles and reports written in English by non-native English speakers, including articles for economics, finance, and political science journals.


Towards a Truly Global Law; Global Law: A Triple Challenge; and Ordering Pluralism (by Mireille Delmas-Marty); China, Democracy, Law: A Historical and Contemporary Approach (ed. P.-E. Will & M. Delmas-Marty); Harmonising Criminal Law (ed. M. Delmas-Marty, U. Sieber, and M. Pieth) Numerous law review articles by various authors

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