Natalia Pérez Ramos

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Professional profile
Editing, Translating
Language pairs
English > Spanish
French > Spanish
Areas of expertise
Medicine and Health
Veterinary Science
Qualifications and experience
Qualified Translator (BA Hons. in Translation and Interpreting—4 year university degree—plus a Master's Degree in Medical and Healthcare Translation) specializing in Medical and Veterinary translation, with over four years’ experience as a freelance translator.

My primary area of experience involves manuals, articles, press releases, company presentations, hospital presentations, online articles, regulatory documents and medical forms and records in both, human and veterinary medicine.

Furthermore, I can mention some brief experience translating (French into Spanish) Painting (Arts) and Wine related topics.

You may find out about my work by visiting my website and LinkedIn profile.

To contact, please send a message by email or via my website.
‘Manual de estilo Chicago-Deusto’, Deusto Publicaciones. Three chapters published as a translator
‘Principales enfermedades en avicultura. Enfermedades víricas’​, Ed. Servet. Publication as a translator
‘Principales retos en avicultura. Enfermedad de Marek’​, Ed. Servet. Publication as a translator
‘Principales retos en avicultura. Fallos vacunales’​, Ed. Servet. Publication as a translator

“El misterio del grupo sanguíneo en ‘Testigo de cargo’”, guest post on Fernando Navarro’s blog
‘Máster de Traducción Médico-Sanitaria de la UJI’, guest post on Nikki Graham's blog
Other CPD
  • On-site courses and seminars:

06/Apr/2016 - Seminar on ‘The use of domperidone in the prevention and treatment of canine leishmaniosis.’ By Dr. Xavier Roura (DVM PhD Dipl. ECVIM) at Official College of Veterinary Surgeons of Badajoz, Spain (2h)

12/Nov/2015- Seminar on ‘Veterinary medicinal products: Regulation, prescription, pharmacovigilance, use and responsibility.’ Held at Official College of Veterinary Surgeons of Badajoz, Spain (2h)

28/Feb/2015 - Asetrad-MET workshops: EMA templates and EU terminology (Emma Goldsmith); Excel para la fiscalidad española (Tim Barton); Recursos para la trad. farmacéutica (Laura Munoa); Español y punto (Marina Mena); False friends and absent friends (Alan Lounds) (Madrid; Asetrad and MET event, 5h)

21/Jul/2014 to 25/Jul/2014 – ‘Problemas, métodos y cuestiones candentes en traducción médica.’ Course on Medical and Veterinary translation problems; conducted by M.D. and translator Fernando Navarro. (UIMP, Santander, Spain, 30h)

  • On-line courses and seminars:

April, 2018 - 'Cómo redactar un artículo científico'; awarded by Fundación Dr. Esteve (12h CPD)

January to July, 2015 - Mentoring Scheme on Medical Translation; awarded by ITI Medical and Pharmaceutical Network (7 month apprenticeship).

24/Sep/2014 to 25/Oct/2014 - Course on Veterinary Translation; awarded by Aula Sic (40h CPD)

Please visit my LinkedIn profile to find out about my attendance to other online courses and webinars.

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