Slobodan Vinulović

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Ulica mesta Grevenbroich 13
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Qualifications and experience

Since June 2012           
Co-owner, manager and translator at translation and psychology consulting company Delaj dobro, d. o. o., registered in Slovenia.
Since 2007                  
Freelance cooperation and translation services; more than 8000 counted standard pages translated so far for Slovenian, Serbian and European translation agencies, companies, publishing houses, science and cultural institutions, as well as for individuals in different subjects:

  • economics,
  • human resources,
  • marketing,
  • law,
  • finance,
  • accountancy,
  • insurance,
  • agricultural economics,
  • tourism,
  • horticulture,
  • education,
  • psychology,
  • philosophy,
  • theatre,
  • journalism,
  • IT,
  • technology,
  • construction,
  • mining industry,
  • geology,
  • traffic,
  • mechanical engineering,
  • history,
  • graphic art…

Books and plays translated from Slovenian into Serbian in the field of human sciences and theatre:

  1. psychology and philosophy:
  1. drama plays within the project “Nedelja nove drame” (Week of New Play) and
    54. Sterijino pozorje in cooperation with the organization Otvorena biblioteka nove drame:
    • Simona Hamer: "Tik-tak", 2008,
    • Neja Repe: "Zbiralci kosti" ("Bone collectors"), 2008.

Other important translations in specific fields and long-term translation projects:

  • EU publication on employment perspectives in European Union, from English into Spanish;
  • technical documentation about braking mechanisms on Montenegrin regional trains, from Spanish into Montenegrin;
  • spatial and urban development plans of several Montenegrin municipalities, from Spanish into Serbian;
  • Slovenian Mining Act (Zakon o rudarstvu, ZRud-1), from Slovenian into Serbian,
  • national road construction standards, from Slovenian and English into Serbian;
  • financial, accounting and HR related documentation in several language pairs between Slovenian, Serbian and English;
  • manual for driving license exam, from Spanish into Serbian;
  • tourism catalogues and promotional web content about Slovenian tourism, from Slovenian into Spanish and Serbian;
  • user’s manual for hydraulic press, from Slovenian into Serbian;
  • numerous technical, legal, administration and economy related texts, documentation on trade and insurance business activities like forms, contracts, annexes, codes of conduct, descriptions of services, brochures, catalogues… from Spanish, English and Slovenian into Serbian.

Translation company Eurotranslate d.o.o. Vrtlarska 35b, Belgrade, Serbia
                                  Full time employed as translation project manager

  • business correspondence in English, Serbian, Slovenian and Spanish,
  • coordination of translation projects,
  • alignment and TM update,
  • text processing,
  • revision and final check of translated texts,
  • translation.

Entertainment website, Spain
                                  External cooperation - correspondent and translator

  • news selection, translation from Serbian into Spanish and forwarding to the website’s administrators.

Masmi Research, Vojvode Dobrnjca St. 26, Belgrade, Serbia
Temporarily employed on project as translator

  • partial translation of huge number of scanned documents from Serbian into English,
  • classification and revision of translated data.

NewspaperDirect/Studio Veris, Ticanova St. 2B, Novi Sad, Serbia
Part-time employed as sales manager for Belgrade
Instituto Cervantes de Belgrado, Čika Ljubina St. 19, Belgrade, Serbia
                                  Part-time employed as administrative assistant

  • registration of students for general, special and on-line courses of the Spanish language;
  • presentation of cultural activities, library services and courses of the Spanish language and other responsibilities on the stand of the Institute Cervantes during the Book Fair in Belgrade. Communication with visitors;
  • supervision of the expositions From the other side, Goya's engravings Los Caprichos and the exposition 50th Anniversary of Engraving Studio Barbara;
  • translation of the informative material about the expositions and communication with visitors.


Continuing professional development