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Born in the ancient Phoenician land nowadays known as Tunisia, French, Arabic and English are my three native languages. French, however, is my language of expertise. I was raised in the US and lived there on and off for a total of 13 years while attending the Lycée Rochambeau (French International School). This made me a bilingual at the mere age of 5.


Since childhood, my passion and ease for languages has grown daily. Having lived in very diverse countries such as Japan, Israel, Tunisia, France and Spain, I've now become a true expert in cross-cultural communication. From 2009 to 2013, throughout a spell in Perpignan (France) and Tarragona (Spain), I managed to reinforce knowledge in the linguistic and socilinguistic fields. Among many other achievements, I've written an exciting research paper on who I believe to be the most brilliant Catalan poet, writer and translator of the Fifteenth Century, Anselm Turmeda.

After obtaining my university degrees, I was recruited by Tick Translations to work as a Language Vendor Manager. In this medium-sized translation company, I was able to gain valuable project management experience. After a few months, I switched to a PM position, and then to an International Sales position. Although I've learned a lot during this successful and pleasant employee experience, I decided to go back to my freelancing activity.


From the beginning of my freelancing career, I have translated and proofread all sorts of texts in many fields such as Tourism and Travel, Business and Marketing, Construction, Architecture, Legal, Website and Technical translation. I currently reside in Girona, a beautiful and inspiring medieval Catalan city. Indeed, this marvelous city surrounded by nature provides me with the much needed calm to work on my projects with pleasure and ease.

When I'm not translating or managing projects, I'm usually training in the outdoors. I love being in the mountains. Trail running, mountaineering, backcountry skiing or practicising yoga helps me reset my mind and be a better professional.