The 15th Translation Conference - Translation: border creation or border crossing?

We live in an era when crossing a border is no longer always a difficult task, thanks to advanced means of transportation and digital communication. However, the concept of ‘border’ still looms over us; sometimes as an obstacle to overcome, other times as a method of protection. The concept of ‘border’ is also pertinent to the practice and discussion of translation and interpreting. In a professional situation, translators and interpreters can serve as mediators at borders between cultures or powers, but their presence may also unwittingly reinforce the existence of such borders. At the same time, the border between ‘professional’ and ‘amateur’ translators is being eroded by new technologies. Research into translation and interpreting often crosses disciplinary boundaries and may be motivated by the observers’ desire to diminish the boundaries between systems or, on the contrary, it may serve as a force to highlight the borders between them. he aim of this conference is to explore the notion of border in the context of translation and interpreting from the diverse viewpoints of academics, practitioners and users of translation and language services.
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