The 7th International Conference of English as a Lingua Franca (ELF7)

ELF has now established itself as a major and expanding field of academic research. Its interconnections with pedagogy and a host of other disciplines are being currently discussed, acknowledged, and investigated. Targeting English language educators who work with English language users from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds in a wide variety of settings, ELF can uniquely be interconnected with issues affecting and related to identity, language policy-making, intercultural awareness, technology, and language use at all levels facilitating human communications globally.

ELF7 seeks to explore these interfaces of ELF with pedagogy and other disciplines in the interest of the advancement of the field. In this context, the ELF7 committee members invite participants to contribute to this conference by submitting their work, reporting on current ELF research and/or participating in constructive ELF discussions on a variety of issues that would undoubtedly lead to maintaining ELF interest, increasing ELF insight, and furthering ELF research.
Find out more at the ELF7 site.

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