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Editing, Research, Training-Educating, Translating, Writing
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Portuguese > English
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Information Technology
Law and Patents
Pure Sciences
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French, Portuguese, Spanish>English
Technical Translation
Technical writing and translation.  

Use Natural Language Processing (NLP)—including Latent Semantic Analysis.  Quality defined by ISO 15038, 17100.  ASTM F2575, F2889.  

Main fields on operations and metallurgical sides of Manufacturing, Testing and Failure Analysis. Major subfields include Casting, Forging, Heat Treating, Joining/Welding, Machining, Plating, Powdered Metal, Stamping, Steelmaking.

Somewhat qualified on Nucleonics. Very familiar with taxonomy of Macro- and Microbiology. Spend twenty hours per week maintaining and upgrading knowledge bases and technology. 

Non-Technical Translation
NLP used for non-technical translation- and writing.  Corpus size:  100K-words minimum. 

Trade-show expositions only.  Can include exhibit setup and scheduling for substantial cost savings.  

Europe, and North and South America.  
Fifteen years' in materials engineering, procurement, quality assurance, production and training capacities with casting, forging, heat treating, machining, powdered metal (P/M (MIM)), plating, stamping, steelmaking, and welding processes for automotive and railroad, construction, nuclear power, oil-and-gas, and petrochemical industries. Management, administration, supervision. P&L–ROI. Systems engineering, project management. Chemical, mechanical, metallographic, and non-destructive testing. FMEA and failure analysis. Lean Sigma. Non-conformance-Corrective Action cycle. Craftsman and teacher training.
Irons, stainless-, magnetic-, plain-carbon, coated-, LAST, HSLA and tool steels. Al, Au, Co, Cu, In, Ni & Zn-based alloys. Adhesives, asbestos, atmospheres, graphite, lubricants, polymers.  H- & He-embrittlement considerations.  Coatings, finishes.  Corrosion control.
Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering, Diploma in Welding, CWI, AAS in NDT.
FCAW, GMAW, GTAW, SAW, SMAW & SW procedure development for fabrication and repair of P1 though P5, P8, P45 & others, and corresponding fillers.  Brazing and soldering.   Fixture- and jig construction. 
Composition, coating, distortion, ferrite and mag-perm control.   Machine calibration and maintenance.  Technician and welder training.
Documentation per API 2X, 2Y, 5L, 1104, ASME II & IX, B31.3, B31.4, AWS D1.1, D1.3, D1.6, others.
Welding-quality procedure per AISC.
WPSs, PQRs & WQTs per API, ASME & AWS requirements.  
Five years' in Molding, Pouring, Cleaning, Testing, Inspection and Engineering.
From ounces to four and one-half tons: Rail braces and jacks, pump and valve bodies and frames, motor frames, balls, butterflies, piping, elbows, others.
Green and set-sand mold and shell, oil & set sand core casting.  Squeezer, pin-lift and floor molding.   Fixed and loose patterns.   Gating and risering, hot topping and venting. Centrifugals. Microalloying. Normalization, solution annealing, and aging treatments.   Furnace repair and calibration.
Two and one-half years. Manufacturing (construction), stamping, nuclear power.
Developed and implemented SOPs and BOPs for metallurgical and procurement engineering, receipt inspection, marking and transportation systems. Performed vendor inspection, audits and surveillance. Cost-cutting measures include elimination of middleman vendors, processes and process steps, and EOQ. ISO & AISC quality system development.
Materials procured/specified include parts for actuators, compressors, diesel generators, pumps, valves, reactor vessel. Graphite gaskets, graphite grease. Welding equipment and consumables. Computer ROM & RAM, PCI cards, processor, motherboard, networking services. Dispositioned scrap.
Aluminum, stainless, steel, zinc.
Commercial and nuclear grade.
Twenty years.  Legally literate.
Developed and implemented SOPs and BOPs for metallurgical and procurement engineering, receipt inspection, marking and transportation systems. Vendor inspection, audits and surveillance. Wrote operations, QA & technical manuals, and quotes. Advertising and sales brochures. Successful grant, purchasing and sales proposals. Data mining and manipulation for marketing and sales. R&D reports. Failure analysis and FMEA. Product-liability research for successful litigation. Newsletters and tutorials. Website development and tutorials, and maintenance. SEO—including LSA, LSI and other techniques. ESL training documents. Resumes. Syllabi. Seminar write-up and presentation.
Introductions, tables, tables of content, library and book indexes. Documentation. Template, inventory and list compilation.   Broadsheet layout.  Editing. Structural.  Patent translation. 
Platforms:     Win, Linux Debian, VM.  Security.  Validation. UPSs.  Data back-up and recovery.   Cloud development using PHP & JavaScript.   Data mining, -modeling and -warehousing.  Penetration testing.   Minor network administration.   Specified documentation standards, web- and word-processing software, and user guides.  MacBook Air config.   Set up SEO and statcounters.  Computer building, maintenance, upgrades and repair.   Malware and virus detection, and deletion.  OS and software installation.   Browser set-up in Firefox & IE.  Use Firefox, Konquerer, TOR.  On occasion, use Chrome and Chromium, Edge,K-Meleon, Midori, Opera, Safari. 
Other CPD
BA in Linguistics
BE in Metallurgy
AAS in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing)
Technical Diploma in Welding
Technical Diploma in Automotive Servicing
Welding Metallurgy
Network and Server Administration, CAD, CNC, PLC, Programming
French DALF, ICC, University of Iowa
Portuguese Universidade Federal do Brasil
Spanish FSI (ILR), University of Iowa

Seven years' in Brazil, France, Paraguay and Sweden.  

Certified Quality Auditor CQA
Six Sigma Green Belt CGB
Green Manufacturing Specialist GMS
Certified Welding Inspector exCWI
Certified Quality Engineer exCQE

American Foundry Society
American Institute of Steel Constructors
American Society for Mechanical Engineers
American Society for Metals
American Society for Non-Destructive Testing
American Society for Quality
American Welding Society
Forging Industry Association
National Association for Corrosion Engineers
National Association for Surface Finishing
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
Society for Protective Coatings
Steel Founders Society of America

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