METM14 presentation

Ergonomics and translation environment interoperability for teams

Kevin Lossner, Alentejo, Portugal

A brief review of the implications for individuals translating or editing in multiple CAT tools and strategies for overcoming the differences of ergonomics and data formats in projects with participants using a variety of tools. For more than a decade the presenter has been concerned with the world upside down in translation, with a focus too often on knowledge of specific software tools rather than the linguistic and subject skills of translators and editors, resulting in inevitable losses of quality. With a few basic principles, we can concentrate instead on people and their skills and increase the economic rewards and satisfaction for all those involved.

Kevin Lossner is a consultant and teacher for translation environment tools and processes as well as a German-to-English translator mostly occupied with legal and scientific matters. Practical methods of work and problem solving as well as metrics to distinguish reality from subjective impressions and fantasy are his passion. His Translation Tribulations blog is a source of information on translation tools, language service politics and chocolate chip cookies among other things and particularly on how to make translation support tools and those using them play together nicely. His Quick Steps guides for memoQ are available in English and a number of other languages to help independent translators, teams and other language service providers rise to the challenges of their daily routines in practical and sometimes unconventional ways.