Before you book

We want to make METM22 accessible for everyone. Accommodations in place so far:

  • Step-free access at the venue, including for onsite accommodation
  • Ushers at the registration desk to help you get to the right room at the right time
  • Comfy seats in the registration area
  • Ample time to change rooms between sessions
  • Use of the library as a quiet space
  • Council members identified in red on their badges – they’re there to help
  • Plenty of seats at the welcome reception and Saturday lunch events
  • Helpers to guide you to off-site venues, find you a taxi or walk with you
  • A pinned map to give you an idea of distances between the venue (Olarain) and other key METM22 locations*

* Three of the pre-conference workshops will be held at Hotel NH, 600 m down the road from Olarain.

If you need anything else, please contact Rob Lunn before the conference to let us know how we can help.

We’re keen to make METM22 as green as possible. This means no printed programme, swag, bag, raffle tickets, plastic cups or bottles. At the conference, please

  • Use the conference app or print out the programme before you travel
  • Bring a reusable water bottle – you can fill up at breakfast in the canteen and at the coffee breaks
  • Bring a bag, notepad and pen (unless you’re a digital note-taker)
  • Get your raffle ticket on the day by clicking the button at the bottom of My METM1
  • Find travel buddies on the METM22 Facebook group (see email registration confirmation for link)

Yes, you can cancel your registration at any time by writing to our treasurer, Heather Hamilton. If you cancel before 7 October, we’ll give you a full refund minus a €35 handling fee. Cancellations after this date will not qualify for a refund unless you discover you have Covid before you travel.

Yes! This year we’re introducing My METM1, a page where you can update your details (dietary requirements, allergies, badge text) and other options (off-METM meal tables, city tour, yoga, Basque class). Change anything you like until Tuesday, 4 October, when we’ll freeze all items to finalize arrangements.

Change anything you like until nearer the time, when we’ll freeze some items to finalize arrangements – we’ll give you some warning.

To change a workshop or tech clinic spot, contact Marije de Jager. To change your arrangements for the welcome reception or closing dinner, contact Heather Hamilton.


Before you travel

Check the entry requirements for Spain before you travel. Currently, masks are required in Spain and in the Basque Country in the following locations:

  • On all public transport, including taxis
  • In clinical settings (hospitals, pharmacies, dental clinics, etc.) and facilities for vulnerable populations

Outside the above exceptions, masks are optional. If you feel safer wearing a face covering or keeping your distance from others during the conference, please do so.

If you develop Covid or Covid symptoms, please do not travel. We will give you a full refund. (See cancellations FAQ above.)

  • In Android: Open the METM22 pages in Chrome; tap the 3-dot menu icon; select Add to Home screen
  • In iOS: Launch Safari; connect to the METM22 pages; tap the Share button; tap Add to Home Screen

Please pay by cash on the day (exact change if possible). As a reminder: we book the tables and you split the bill with your fellow diners.

The desk will be open from 10:30 on Thursday morning. See programme for detailed times.

To arrange shared meals, travel or accommodation with fellow attendees, try posting requests in our private Facebook group (METM22 in Donostia).

As an alternative to an off-METM table, why not go for a pintxo promenade?

  • Thursday pintxo promenaders: meet by the registration desk at 19:30
  • Friday pintxo promenaders: meet by the registration desk at 12:45

If you have a question before you travel, please write to Helen Oclee-Brown.

At the conference

There’ll be regular coffee breaks, but if you fancy something in between times, vending machines selling coffee, biscuits, sandwiches, etc. are available. The venue cafeteria isn't open to METM attendees, but Bar Campus is just across the way.

And our Twitter handle is @METMeetings. Do say hello!

Network name: OLARAIN
Password: *2014*OLARAIN*2001*

Vegan options are available at all coffee breaks, Saturday lunch and dinner. The city itself has several vegan restaurants and vegan-friendly restaurants. A starter list is provided (ordered by distance from the venue), though you’ll find other options by searching Google Maps.

  • Ocho (Antiguo)
  • Orburu (Antiguo)
  • Botanika (Centre)
  • Maiatza (Old Town)
  • Kilometro 0 (Egia)
  • Lasai Maitia (Gros)
  • Mapa Verde (Gros)
  • Tedone (Gros)

To call a taxi from Olarain, ask at the front desk. They have a direct connection and will call one for you and give you a docket with the call number.
To get a taxi from anywhere else, either call or go to a taxi rank. Check out Donostia Transport (or download the app) for a list of taxi ranks and taxi companies.

Vallina Teletaxi: +34 943 40 40 40

TaxiDonosti: +34 943 46 46 46

Please call by the registration desk or speak to a council member if there’s anything we can help you with.

1My METM is a personal page that can be accessed by attendees only.