METM16 presentation 

Finding the key to your keyboard 

Emma Goldsmith, Madrid, Spain 

A keyboard is an essential part of your workstation. It has an impact on your productivity and comfort. Yet, according to a recent informal survey that the speaker conducted among 800 translators, most people simply use a laptop keyboard or basic external one and have limited knowledge of what goes on under the hood.
This 30-minute presentation will help fill this knowledge gap. Armed with a screwdriver, the speaker will take apart a basic keyboard* while showing close-up pictures on the slides. She will discuss the differences between membrane and mechanical mechanisms and the pros and cons of full-travel and low-profile keys. She will also look at ergonomic features that might help prevent or relieve pain. 
By the end of the session you will be better equipped to make an informed decision when choosing a keyboard. And since personal preference is an important factor in keyboard choice, after the end of the talk you will have a chance to try out a few different key switches, keyboards and layouts.
* No keyboards will be harmed during the presentation

Emma Goldsmith is a freelance Spanish to English medical translator who made a career switch from nursing some 25 years ago. With no formal secretarial skills, Emma started typing rather slowly with two fingers and a thumb, and soon moved on to touch typing. More recently, she discovered the joys of mechanical keyboards. Emma enjoys networking with fellow translators on Twitter (tweet to her at @GoldsmithTrans) and she writes a blog called “Signs & Symptoms of Translation”.