Getting around Donostia/San Sebastian

Map with key METM22 venues

By taxi

To call a taxi from Olarain, ask at the front desk. They have a direct connection and will call one for you and give you a docket with the call number.
To get a taxi from anywhere else, either call or go to a taxi rank. Check out Donostia Transport (or download the app) for a list of taxi ranks and taxi companies.

Vallina Teletaxi: +34 943 40 40 40

TaxiDonosti: +34 943 46 46 46

By bus

Hop on the right bus using this "how to get to" page. For full details, browse the Dbus website.

By bike

Much of Donostia is flat and cycle-friendly. The bike-share service Dbizi offers a month’s access for €5 and a per-ride fee via the card associated with the account. Stations are spread across the city for easy pickup and return. Any questions? Write to local organizer Wendy Baldwin.

By car

For everything you need to know about car parking in Donostia/San Sebastian, see these parking FAQs written specially for METM22 by local MET member Krista Jones.