METM14 presentation

The business benefits of living a healthy lifestyle

Sara Colombo, Venice, Italy

Living a healthy and positive lifestyle has always been relevant, but it was only in 2012 that all 193 United Nations member states officialised wellness as a human right and created the International Day of Happiness. The global campaign aims at shifting our perception of wellness from a purely money-based to a more human and health-related state. It has been recognised that living a healthy lifestyle lies at the core of the pursuit of happiness: being healthy is great for your body, mind and business. Oh, and it also has amazing social consequences.

Freelancing is by no means any different. Indeed, busy freelancers love their jobs but often forget about health and, month after month, year after year, the weight piles on and they become less active, less focused and often weak. So weak, in fact, that they forget to create a happy life and a happy business.

Living a balanced and healthy lifestyle is key to feeling better, but also to being a better entrepreneur. Exercise improves attention and stamina, boosts memory and mood, and heals the fatigue caused by a hectic schedule, making you more creative

During this presentation we will find out:
  • How business and exercise are related
  • What the most common health problems are for new translators
  • How translators and freelancers can benefit from exercise
  • How to be a healthy freelancer: choose the right activity, find the time, etc.
At the end of the presentation we will also discuss your experience and the speaker will share tips and ideas.

Sara Colombo, MA, is a qualified freelance translator and interpreter specialising in health, sport and marketing/advertising. An active marketing speaker and consultant, Sara runs a popular blog for translators and is a certified fitness instructor and yoga enthusiast.