MET workshops

How to become your most efficient, creative and serene self

In this world of “infobesity”, we are inundated with demands on our attention – distractions are a common complaint in today’s fast-paced working environments. The temptation to (try to) multi-task can be difficult to overcome. However, that often translates as flitting from one thing to another or scrolling aimlessly. As a result, many knowledge workers can end up feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

Facilitator: Emma Paulay

Purpose: To outline a method for organizing all your work and personal “stuff” into a coherent system and experiment with a new approach to what “doing” is and what “done” looks like.   

Description/structure: The workshop will give you some guidelines for setting up your personal system and examine five steps to gaining control:
  • Capture
  • Clarify
  • Organize
  • Reflect
  • Engage
We will explore aspects of project management and the value of keeping an inventory of ALL your commitments.

Who should attend? Anyone who wants to get sh*t done and feel great about it.

Outcome skills: By the end of this workshop, participants will have mapped out their system and be able to turn a pile of “stuff” (emails, ideas, messages, etc.) into a list of concrete actions. They will know how to recognize when they are not at their most efficient, and how to get back in “the zone”. They will leave with tactics for managing their focus and their projects.

Preparation: Participants will receive a list of applications to explore before the workshop. They should bring their to-do lists, diaries, schedules, etc.

About the facilitator: Emma Paulay is a translator and trainer. Born in Surrey (UK), she has lived in France for 30 years. She is a certified trainer in Mind Mapping, Presentation Design, and the Getting Things Done method, which she implemented when she first became a freelancer in 2007. She is also a certified mental training instructor. A keen runner, Emma volunteers as a coach at her local running club and is also happy relaxing with a book.

Watch her video on the Getting Things Done method (in French) on LinkedIn.