METM16 presentation 

I can't help falling in love with machine translation 

Diego Bartolome, Sabadell, Spain 

Like it or not, machine translation (MT) is here to stay. Certainly, there are some fields where MT (and CAT tools) will never be used because the process of creating a translated text requires significant creativity; but in others, MT is already competing successfully with human translators. 
MT is currently used in many technical fields and also for e-commerce, where a machine translated sentence plus a light post-editing is often good enough for the end client. But don’t worry, although some types of translation will be done using big data and natural language processing, top-quality human translations will never disappear!
In this presentation, we will show, first, how MT can produce good translations in fields such as e-commerce and hospitality, although it might not be well-suited for certain other fields. We will touch on the issue of confidentiality. Then, we will describe the best way to deal with post-editing jobs from the freelance translator’s point of view and discuss key aspects such as the discount. Finally, we will cover how tools in the market deal with MT post-editing and some products specifically designed for the task.
We will show that if having machines do the translating helps translation professionals increase their income and have more free time and also opens up new business opportunities, the best option is to embrace change and love MT.
Diego Bartolome is the founder and CEO of tauyou language technology, a company specialized in machine translation, natural language processing tools, and process automation for the translation industry. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering and an MSc in Management and Business Administration. He was a GALA Board member in the period 2013-2015.