METM18, Girona

After just two hours of rehearsals, the MET choir delivers a heartfelt rendition of Java Jive and Himne dels Pirates, led by Ruth Simpson and Cristina Koch. Video recorded by Julian Mayers.

METM17, Brescia

Francesca Matteoda's introduction to Bella Ciao, in homage to her father, partigiano and translator.
Video recorded by Justine Sherwood.
METM17 choir led by Ruth Simpson (conductor) and Anett Enzmann (musical director, working with an arrangement by Cristina Koch); video recorded by Oliver Shaw.

METM16, Tarragona


MET-PRISEAL choir performs at METM15, Coimbra


METM13, Poblet

The MET choir performs the negro spiritual “Wade in the Water”. Thanks to MET member Kymm Coveney for making the video and giving permission for it to be posted.