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Going portable: having everything you need in your back pocket

Timothy Barton — Spain

When you need to work in different places, you either need to take your main computer everywhere with you, or make sure you copy everything onto some kind of portable storage device. But if you are tired of constantly copying files between different drives, trying to work out which file is the latest version, then maybe the solution is to have a portable hard drive as your main disk drive for use on any computer.

In this presentation, I will be showing you how Windows users can go about having all their documents, many of their configuration files, and even some applications on a portable hard drive. You will see how this kind of setup is more than just a document collection or backup. Beyond providing you with access to your entire document history without the need to synchronise folders, you'll also have access to your e-mail and your Internet browser with all your bookmarks and extensions available.


Timothy Barton is a freelance translator ( who specializes in education and sport. After initially graduating in French studies, he then took a degree in translation and a Master in Translation and New Technologies. He began translating in 2004, and spent two years translating in house for the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He now lectures in translation at the UAB alongside his freelance work.