METM10 presentation     Thread: Promising practices

After the translation, now what? Coaching non-native English speaking clients to deliver more effective presentations

Jeffrey M. Breyer -” Barcelona, Spain

Background: After translating their PowerPoint slides into English, non-native professionals and students often deliver presentations that resemble little more than a verbatim reading of slide content. As a means of hiding weaknesses, foibles, nervousness or general uncertainty in the foreign language, clients will hold tenaciously to what they know or understand, limiting their exposure outside this comfort zone of familiarity. Unfortunately for the receiver, this creates a dense and sometimes impenetrable communications barrier that hinders full integration of the information being presented.

This inevitable lack of connection between the presenter and audience creates a negative feedback loop. The audience loses interest and either consciously or unconsciously tunes out the presenter's performance. Consequently, the presenter feels even more uncomfortable having lost the opportunity to bridge the communication gap and make an impact on the audience.

Purpose: The purpose of this discussion is for participants to understand how the intervention of a communications professional or coach can be key to enhancing client performance. Participants will learn how the implementation of simple corrective exercises can free clients to take risks in their presentation practices and inevitably build a positive relationship with the audience. Participants will be given practical solutions that will help clients to improve oral communication performance. Participants will also be asked to share their experience and to offer complementary examples from their client coaching.

Solutions and Recommendations: The following solutions for improving client communication performance will be shared with participants:

  • Understanding and building rapport with the audience
  • Using language and voice as tools of seduction
  • Employing body language to make a dramatic effect
  • Developing techniques for overcoming nervousness and leaving a lasting impression.

Jeffrey Breyer is a Business Communications Consultant and Executive Coach with over 20 years experience designing and directing international communication and instructional programs for corporations, universities and governments in North America, Europe and Asia. He has worked closely with students, private clients and business executives on developing performance enhancement skills, enabling them to become more effective in their respective professions. Jeffrey currently serves as the Director of Effective Coaching, a business devoted to helping clients achieve their best possible future.