METM10 Discussion section – broadening our outlook through interaction

Using storytelling techniques to create high-impact PowerPoint presentations

Sara Freitas – Grenoble, France

Storytelling is a highly adaptable and scalable approach to writing compelling PowerPoint presentations designed to capture the audience's attention and get results. It is a new way of thinking about and using PowerPoint for writing, an approach we can use ourselves or with our clients as it is suitable for anyone who projects slides to communicate.


This is not a software training session and computers will not be used during the workshop. Rather, we'll open up discussion through images, in a way that brings to the fore our awareness of what works. We'll discuss how to create effective, appropriate communication support, especially the right kind of document (slides, notes, handouts) for the right purpose; identify and eliminate ineffective practices; create professional-looking slides; and personalize the approach to suit different audiences.


Sara Freitas was born and raised in the US, where she completed her undergraduate and graduate education in French and linguistics. She's served a number of schools, training organizations, and businesses in the United States, Turkey, and Grenoble, France, where she's lived since 2001. Sara founded SFM Traduction in 2003 and today provides businesses in France with French-to-English translation services, English copywriting services, and training in written communication skills in English. She works in the fields of marketing and communication, finance, and human resources. She is a member of the Société Française des Traducteurs and the American Translators Association. Email: . Website: