Mining for gold – in search of the best professional development opportunities for MET members

Sarah Griffin-Mason (UK), Kim Eddy (Spain), Gabriele Berghammer ( Austria), Joy Burrough-Boenisch (Netherlands)

This panel will explore a wide range of the best English-language professional development opportunities available to MET members across the related fields of translation and interpreting, editing and writing. A broad selection of training providers will be examined, providing a solid starting point for members wishing to plan their own continuing professional development.session will be led by Sarah Griffin-Mason (Joint Chair of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting Professional Development Committee), who will present the training available mainly to translators through the Institute of Translation and Interpreting and other providers in the UK. She will be accompanied by Kim Eddy (Membership Chair of Mediterranean Editors and Translators), who will explore the opportunities available through the Institute of Linguists and the Translator’s Association, Gabi Berghammer (medical writer and translator), who will concentrate on the training available to aspiring medical and pharmaceutical language service providers from commercial training companies and entities such as the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA), and Joy Burrough-Boenisch (author’s editor, translator, and educator), who will review the training options for aspiring and established editors of non-native English.

Sarah Griffin-Mason (MITI) is a translator, editor and educator with 20 years of experience in the field, based in Portsmouth, UK. Sarah is Joint Chair of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) Professional Development Committee and she believes deeply that continuing professional development is essential in increasing the professionalism of individual practitioners and the sector as a whole. She recently worked with Kim Eddy on the translation of the bestselling crime fiction novel Ira Dei – La Ira de Dios by Mariano Gambin.

Kim Eddy (MCIL MITI) is an experienced freelance translator, language trainer and educational writer based in the Canary Islands. She has recently completed her first literary translation project (a nail-biting crime novel — Ira Dei – La Ira de Dios by Mariano Gambin — set on the island of Tenerife in the World Heritage City of San Cristóbal de La Laguna) and is very much looking forward to seeing it published in English.

Gabriele Berghammer studied translation & interpreting at the University of Vienna, Austria, and the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS), California. She has held various positions as a linguist in the pharmaceutical industry, most recently as medical writer in a major pharmaceutical company. Brief excursions into the software industry as a technical writer and into multilingual translation management have rounded off her documentation expertise. Since 2006, she has been running her own medical writing and translation consultancy, the text clinic.

Joy Burrough-Boenisch, based in the Netherlands, is an authors’ editor and translator for Dutch academics and scientists, who also teaches scientific and academic English. Her interest in second-language interference and non-native English led her to help found SENSE (the Society of English-Native-Speaking Editors in the Netherlands) and to do an applied linguistics PhD on Dutch scientific English. Her workshops on editing non-native English have proved a popular form of CPD for editors and translators. She has given them in various countries, and for organisations such as MET, SENSE, SfEP and the European Commission.