Okodia, your team of professional English translators

The Okodia translation agency was created in Barcelona, the cosmopolitan Mediterranean city, in 2005. Its mission is to help companies to communicate in a global market effectively and professionally. In this way, we contribute to making their business expansion and internationalisation more profitable and fruitful.

Every company working with Okodia as a partner for its translations into English or any other language has the support of:

- A team of professional native translators who have extensive experience and guaranteed quality thanks to an expert additional revision. This ensures more effective communication for clients, as all the translated texts are localised applying the local style.
- A wide range of translation services, from website and software localisation to technical, audiovisual, financial, and medical translations, through legal and scientific translations.
- An affordable, transparent price, thanks to the lack of intermediaries and fixed prices, with no unexpected charges.
- Full compliance with delivery deadlines, with no delays or time loss.

For this reason, more and more institutions, governments, companies, and organisations are placing their trust in Okodia as their English language service provider. We invite you to find out more about them and read their reviews and testimonials at www.okodia.com. You will see that Okodia is the best option for your translations. We look forward to working with you!

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