METM15 presentation Thread: Promising practices

Perfecting it with PerfectIt: final QA tasks before delivery to the client

Timothy Barton, Barcelona, Spain

PerfectIt is an editing tool for Microsoft Word (Windows only) that identifies inconsistencies in hyphenation, capitalization, spelling, contractions, abbreviations, bullets, lists and tables. For instance, the British spell checker will never flag optimize, but PerfectIt will if it detects optimise elsewhere in the text or is set to flag all -ize spellings.
We can create our own style sheet, or download one of the many existing sheets available to PerfectIt users, including sheets for US and UK English in general, and specific styles such as those of the United Nations, The Economist and smaller, specialist publishers such as the Modern Humanities Research Association. PerfectIt leaves the editor or translator in full control, making changes only when the user specifically accepts them.
In this presentation participants will learn how they can use PerfectIt out of the box, and how they can customize it to fit a particular style. They will also see some of the style sheets that are available to download.

Timothy Barton is a freelance translator and former translation lecturer. He specializes in macroeconomics and has translated economic reports for the OECD since 2007. He also specializes in sport and translates media communications for French sailing team Spindrift racing. In 2014 he became webmaster for Mediterranean Editors and Translators. He is also a member of APTIC and SFT.