Practical ideas for getting the most out of your working environment: part IV

Alan Lounds, Ann King and Helen Casas (Spain)

The positive response to this practical panel at METM 12 has led to its inclusion once again this year. As before, the underlying philosophy will be to create a space where MET members can share their experience and exchange ideas on ways we can improve our working environment, job satisfaction and the service we provide our clients.  As always our aim will be to present practical and easy-to-implement tools and tips that will help you to work faster and more efficiently and provide a forum where members can exchange ideas on the subject.
We will touch briefly on current trends and present take-home ideas designed to make your working life easier and more efficient. Panelists will review the advantages and disadvantages of each tool they present and tell you how to start using them and what they cost, if anything. This will be followed by an open 30-minute session for questions, discussion and contributions from the floor. Input from the participants is strongly encouraged, so if you have a trick or two that you simply could not live without, we will be happy to hear about it.

Alan Lounds is head of the Language Advisory Unit at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. The services provided by the unit include translation of institutional and academic documents, provision of language support services and editing of research articles. Alan’s responsibilities include procurement and quality control of editing services for academics working in a wide range of fields. He also has 20 years’ experience as a freelance editor and translator for direct clients.

Ann King is a freelance translator and editor who lives and works in Barcelona. She has a background in computer training and is fascinated by the ways new technologies can help (and hinder) us in our work and everyday lives.

Helen Casas, an engineering graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is a freelance translator based in Barcelona who specializes in pharmaceutical and medical translation and editing. She has 20 years’ experience working for a variety of clients, including translation agencies in Spain and abroad, as well as direct clients in business and academia.