A room with a view

Do you have more screens than Terry Pratchett (he has 6!) or are you a fan of the portable office? Are your dictionaries in alphabetical order or do they just prop up your monitors? Is yours the coolest chair or is your view to die for?

Place: Portsmouth, UK
Name: Sarah Griffin-Mason
Caption: Organised chaos ready for an update

We at MET are interminably curious about other people’s workspaces, partly because we like to look through other people’s windows and partly because we can learn a lot about ergonomics, good working practices and interesting workplace organisation by seeing what other people do. If you are similarly interested, you are the sort of person we are looking for, and we therefore invite you to send in pictures of where you work and/or the view from your office window for public display at the next MET Meeting in Poblet in October 2013.

E-mail your best photographs (maximum of 2 per person), creativity no object, to sarah@griffin-mason.com with the subject line of “A Room with a View” by September 30th to give time for printing and display preparation before the event.
Please include details of the Place, your Name (unless you want to remain anonymous) and a Caption (we will create captions for those without) as per the examples given here.

We look forward to breaching your inner sanctum!

Place: Portsmouth, UK
Name: Sarah Griffin-Mason
Caption: The love of my life from my office window…what view could be better?

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